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QBIX 5D Gaming Box


Best 5D Gaming in
La Marque/Texas City

Our QBIX 5D gaming box is a immersive multi-sensory adventure. The motion floor is your ticket to feeling the pulse of the immersive adventure you're diving into. Picture the thrill of an explosion, the rush of flying, or the sensation of a spaceship crash - the motion floor brings these experiences to life. With added wind blasts, you'll find yourself fully immersed in it, whether you're soaring through the Alien spacecraft or flighting trough a zombie horde. These immersive elements don't just add realism, they inject pure excitement into every moment of the game

  • Mixed Reality Experience

  • Fun for all ages, kids to adults

  • Great Way to have fun with gaming while also moving around

  • Great family experience or used for corporate events

  • 3 different experiences

  • Multi sensory experience (Wind & Vibrating Floor)

Types of XR Arena Experiences we offer

  • 3 unique experiences

  • ​Each experience tailored for different age groups

  • Fun for all ages, kids to adults

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FAQ of XR Arena

  • What is the size of the skating rink?
    Our Skating Rink is 9,000 SF of fun!
  • Can I rent out the entire skating area for a group or just have a skate party?
    Yes! Contact us for more details!

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